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Hubby and I decided to create a Psychic group here in Ensenada Mexico! If you are a psychic intuitive, and magickal and would like to have support through your journey with this gift as we realize walking between the worlds is not an easy task, feel free to join us here. We also plan to hold meetings here with other psychics from this area, and even those from the San Diego area, come on down. https://www.facebook.com/groups/druannaspsychiccircle
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Here we share current events, political views, spiritual mystical views, Ambassadors views, stay up to date with our radio shows, events, courses, and programs

Dr Druanna Johnston™

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Certified Canfield Trainer, Akashic Healer, Past lives, Transformational Coach, QHHT to guide you into being in tune with your soul path and be successful. 


Do you want to be a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner? I can do a 1 on 1 session with you to get you started right away with no B.S!

Certified as a Past Life Regressionist, Or maybe integrate it with Akashic healing hypnotherapy? I don't mess around! I get you started on your journey as a practitioner of your choice Quickly! 2 day Sessions for Hypnotherapy, 1 Day Session for NLP, 1 Day session with Past Life and 2 day Sessions with Akashic Healing Hypnosis. 

Would you like to schedule a 1 on 1 private Training with Dr Druanna Johnston for Classes? Contact Druanna@pm.me


Youniverse Ambassador Program


February 11th 2020

I purchased my e-course in October and it's been great! I refresh everyday! Your video's are pricless! And Becoming an Ambassador is the greatest Accomplishment the Universe could grant to us. The price for this course is FAR better than I've seen yet and I will take advantage of the "done for me package!". I go in and out of the Matrix and the Tax credit currency doesn't flow until mid and end of February, so Hopefully I'll be able to get on board by then. So thank you and me and My wife will always and forever be your student and Family❣ -MR HERSHEYBAR



"This has been such a wonderful experience. To know there is a way to uplift what you thought couldn't be uplifted. "




" Game charger!!! This experience has shifting my life entirely to it's fullest capacity. My life will NEVER be the same. My life is full of JOY. Creating MY World My Way!!!"



" I want to thank in these lines the great work that Druanna Johnston does every day in my life.

I want to be very honest in this. I arrived with her when i was very complicated and sad due to personal reasons surrounded by circumstances so destructive and negative that they would not let me move forward. I felt completely emotional and a professional failure. She with her great love and help vocation first sheltered me as a great sister and began her work of transformation. She started teaching me how necessary meditation is in our lives, so I started with that routine for 7 days as the days went by, I not only began to free myself from every feeling or emotion and negative thought every time we brought up, It was like going back to all the work already forged. However, thanks to her patience and with the NLP that she worked on, I was able to recall every moment in my life that has made me go through sad moments, fears, anguishes, panic attacks, anger, loneliness, depression and in that moment because of her great support we were able to eliminate eradicate completely every memory that I had and that I had not released and it was thanks to these sessions that allowed me to reach forgiveness to love and to see each person who has hurt me with compassion, forgiveness and love. My mood is of complete joy, happiness, gratitude, my mind renewed my stable health and above all power share the peace and joy that I experience not at times but in every moment and as in this way the work relationships, professionals, friendships have opened in an extraordinary way. Thank you Druanna because you are a great sister, an exceptional human being, a virtuous woman, an authentic and unique wife and mother. Thank you for sharing this new way of life with me because with these tools you make a difference and make it possible for people to live a life in fullness."

— Caro Duk- Lawyer

-Testimonial from my client last night!!! Book a session with me and enjoy the benefits of Akashic hypnotherapy healing! https://druannaJohnston.com/coaching

"I am very impressed with the quality of the Akashic healing hypnotherapy session I had with Druanna. It was unlike anything I have been through before. I experienced going into an awakened state of Theta level of consciousness that was a first time for me. My psychic abilities were heightened during this time with regard to connecting to my spiritual guides, angels, and master to receive INSTANT answers to any questions I had. The key was to not second guess the answers I was receiving because I knew that in my heart they were true. I was blown away by the fact that I was crying multiple times during the session because I haven't been able to cry in a long time even during situations where I felt like I needed to. The entire experience was so beautiful from exploring two of my past lives, to the visions Druanna guided me to create in my mind's eye while traveling throughout the session, to the healing chamber experience at the end that was a custom made structure just for me. I gained so much joy, courage, and knowledge from this session that I can highly recommend with confidence that for anyone who is even slightly interested take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a session with Druanna because the affordable cost is well worth the information and experience you will gain after the session is completed. After this session was done and I woke up the next day, I felt a renewed sense of energy that felt like I was still in the session with her. I cannot sing enough praise about how much benefit this session will give to you. Go for it! May the Highest Love and Light from our Creator be sent to all who have taken the time to read this testimonial. Namaste. -" Cameron C.

LEARN TO BE A TRUE SOVEREIGN MAGICKIAN AND CHANGE THE WORLD FROM THE INSIDE OUT! IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU! Manifest your strongest desires! Love, want an ex back? Riches? Abundance? Great Health? Learn the ancient secrets of Magick. I was taught by the best from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Yoruba Magick, and by a Chaos Black Magickian all of the secrets to Defend yourself from Psychic Attack is all here!
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