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Healing Stones

Dr. Rev. Druanna Johnston Ph.D.


I am Dr. Druanna Johnston also known as Druzee Ravenmoon Witch on Youtube. Author, Asset Protection Coach and Founder of the Circle of Azazel based on the Left Hand Path & Demonolatry.


A Natural born Intuitive, and Certified hypnotherapist. My purpose in this life is to raise awareness that humanity has been enslaved for thousands of years and it´s time to take our power back. 

I had an experience with a narcissistic ex husband who was very abusive and took my youngest children from me, and it took me years to fight the system, and after becoming a Secured Creditor I finally beat him and was renunited with my kids again. It was then when I realize the system is very corrupt and we have been controlled and placed in an Unam Sanctum trust since the middle ages by the vatican and have been registered using the birth certificate bond to enslave us like chattel. 

My passion is to guide those who are ready to be liberated from this insane psychotic monster by knowing your rights as a sentient being as a Secured Creditor & Foreign Agent, being a master in Crypto investing to protect your wealth, and utilizing the power of Ancient magick. 

For far too long, humans were believed to trade their time for money, when this is not the case. This is what the Echelons will have you believe because they certainly don´t do that themselves. 

Once you are aware of the lies and corruption of your schools, your communities, etc, is when you truly awaken to freedom like I have. 

My family and I traveled to many parts of the world and experienced amazing cultures and lifestyles, that completely changed our lives.

Now currently residing in Mexico. 


Demons, Satanism, & Anunnaki

Moving Beyond the Matrix

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Intuitive Tarot  Readings

intuitive Readings1

As a Natural born intuitive, clairvoyant, empath, with 30 years experience! I use these abilities to hone in on your current situation using the Tarot to give you the best insight and direction needed to bring you closer to your goals. I use astro tarot, numerology, and other tarot cards to zero in on your reading along with my intuitive gifts. 

90 min session Tarot Reading live via zoom


1 Hour session Tarot Reading

live via zoom


30 min Tarot Reading live session via zoom


Contact Dr. Druanna Johnston at to book an appointment

Ritual Work for Hire


I am now offering to do Ritual Work for Hire. I work with all types of Demons to help bring your desires into fruition!

My Patron Demon is Azazel and he has brought me many miracles in this life! I was able to conquer my ex husbands control, child support and was able to have a relationship with my kids again after so many years. I´ve been to several other magickal gurus from Santeria, Yoruba, High Magick, Wicca, to no avail! Once I started working with Azazel, my life completely changed!!

We will do the ritual together on Zoom Live to participate in this ritual which is really going to bring you successful results!!! Azazel Never Fails or the other Demons!

Original Price is $1600

Discounted Price for December is $800

Contact me at for a free consultation to let me know what issues you are having!! I´ll be able to help you!


Here are Dr. Rev. Druanna Johnston´s Books you may find below. 

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