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"Unlock the power of your subconscious mind invoke the Genie within and watch your world unfold"

Dr. Druanna Johnston

Dr Druanna Johnston guides others through her intuitive abilities as a Psychic Clairsentient, the power of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP to transform her clients beliefs, behaviors, in achieving their goals such as creating more success, wealth, abundance, good health, motivation into their lives. As a Transformational Coach, Certified Canfield Trainer for the Success Principles,   She guides others to move out of debt autopilot mode, into victory creation mode where they are able to triple their income and live a successful life filled with passion, joy and great health! Also trained under Dolores Cannon as a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, she delves into her clients past lives to resolve certain issues that have been brought  onto this life, such as bad health problems, illness, fear or phobia. Then communicate with the clients SuperConscious mind for answers the clients wants to resolve their life's situation.

“When we are following our true passion and joy, the fear of not having enough money, or living in a world of lack, no longer exists. We realize we are the ones creating our own reality due to where we choose to put our focus.” 


Motivating others to create their own societies and become the leaders they are meant to be. Visit the directory

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