Want to Relocate to Mexico? Or open a Mexican Corporation, LLC?

Do you want to move to Mexico? Start a company? Buy or rent a home? Take a tour through the beautiful ancient Pyramids and Archaeological areas. Some believe the Yucatan Peninsula was once connected to Atlantis a lost continent that sank many thousands of years ago. The Emerald Tablet of Thoth was discovered here where the Law of attraction and other vibrational laws derived from. 

My family and I have lived in this magickal part of Mexico since 2012. We've traveled to other parts of the world but we always come back to this beautiful paradise of crystal clear waters and white powder sandy beaches. So if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and live in this part of Mexico where we are, sign up for one of our upcoming workshops below. You can contact me Dr Druanna Johnston at druanna@pm.me If you wish to move to Cancun Mexico. She has connections to the best Realtors to get your ready to move into your new home from renting to buying!

Our Office is located in Chetumal/Bacalar area for the Mexican Corporation, LLC to Set you up. Contact Caro Duk at Caroduk79@gmail.com

For Real Estate

Druanna Johnston can connect you with all of the areas of Cancun Mexico, druanna@pm.me

and Caro can connect you with Merida Caroduk79@gmail.com, and Tulum. 

The Quintana Roo side ( Bacalar, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun)

or the Yucatan side  (Valladolid and Merida)  

Please let us know which place you prefer to view and we can create even a custom program for you!

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