OCT 26-28

This is going to be one of the most memorable events in a life time and completely life changing when you truly  wake up to who you truly are!!! For centuries we believed we were less than and only settled for less, that we were apart of the 99 percent when actuality that is all false!!! We are so much more. Through out the ages Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and many other spiritual teachers understood the true self which had to do with oneness and also knew about the hidden gem inside of each and every human being. 

What if we told you, that you are Royalty? That you were even more than that? How would you feel? That you came from a beautiful loving force that sent part of itself into every living human being to experience this life, going through the challenges, every human faces, obstacles, excitement, tribulations, etc. Have you ever felt you believed to be so much more than what you´ve read in any book or what you ever been told? An inner knowing that you are the One? That Neo? 

For the first time ever Santos Bonacci , Dr Druanna Johnston and Darren Wails come together to present their perspectives on what is truly happening with our world, the reality we are faced with, and how to be triumphant in the face of Adversity! That once we grasp this knowledge, the exercises being taught along with the appropriate paperwork you can remove the shackles of the Persona the Ego, which is the false identity you believed to be so real and connected to your Birth Certificate, releasing this false identity and accept the Real you which is greater than you were ever taught! Once you accept and acknowledge this your awakening begins! The universe will speak to you in ways you never could imagine and with the oneness you will experience with everything around you, the clouds of insecurity, and uncertainty will be lifted. You will ask ¨Why did I not have this information before?¨This is nothing brand new folks. Its pure ancient wisdom now coming to the surface and once you connect with that I Am presence that is you, the old you will fall away! Your Rebirth will begin!

This is what happened with me Dr Druanna Johnston when I went to the Pyramids of Egypt. I went through a complete rebirth and didn´t realize until now who I am and what I am here to do. Many teachers came before me to tell me I was here to do something very important but they could not tell me what, or how? Now the time has come when I am ready to reveal the most ancient wisdom that humanity is waiting to hear. Not only hear, but to also experience!!! We are faced with a very oppressive time when humanity needs to finally get it or be doomed. The great news is we hold the keys to your rebirth and those who hear the call and are ready to claim it! Are you ready to believe in YOU? Take these keys and unlock what has laid dormant for many lifetimes? Are you ready to say YES to change? Are you tired of being controlled and told what to do? How to live your life and threatened if you do not follow through?? Well guess what folks., The time has come and your inner God-ddess is ready to awaken and this is what frightens the Ego, those who stayed in power for thousands of years. THEY ARE AFRAID OF YOU BECAUSE ONCE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND START ACTING AS IF THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!


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