Hypnosis session with Dr. Druanna Johnston is done via Zoom or Skype

each session can last an hour. It begins with an interview lasting 15 minutes and the rest of the session you will be under hypnosis. After payment please go to the contact page to make an appointment with Dr Druanna Johnston

Cost is $200

  • Which behaviors  you wish to change?

  • Do  you wish to increase your business?

  • Enhance your chances in finding the perfect mate?

  • Attract opportunities?

  • Increase your confidence?

  • Enhance your motivation and drive?

  • Attract more romance

  • Attract Wealth

  • Great health

  • Enhance your psychic abilities

  • Communicate with Spirits

  • Accomplish your goals

  • and more?

  • Build your immunity

  • Overcome fear

  • Overcome trauma

  • Alien abduction

  • would you like to review your Past lives?

  • Want to quite smoking?

  • Lose weight?

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