Psychic Tarot Readings

Need Intuitive Assistance? I can help you with a 1 hour reading. As a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient Tarot reader with over 25 years experience I can guide you to make the best decisions by reading your energy field, and feeling as though I am in your shoes. With this gift and from my perspective I can give you an accurate insight. I use the Cards as focal tools, first to get an idea what is happening in your current situation and will experience impressions such as visions, or feelings as I zoom into your energy field.  Its as if I am walking in your shoes! I´ve helped thousands gain clarity into their destiny removing any obstacles and blocks in the way. As a trained Sorceress, I can also give you some magickal guidance on how to create the world you desire! Connect with your inner sovereignty.

My rates are 

$125 for 1 hour              $ 65 for 30minutes

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