Psychic readings

I am now once again offering Psychic Readings. My gifts are Clairsentient,  Clairvoyance, Mediumistic abilites, Channeler, which means I can

 feel the energies of other entities and can communicate with them through feeling.  I start off the reading with the Tarot deck just to center myself, so that my gifts can come forth to give you the best accurate messages as possible. I also include Nlp work (Neurolinguistic programming) If you are in a bad situation and wish to shift your negative emotions into positive joyful emotions which will help  you to manifest the life you desire. And then I will redo the reading based on that, because your energy shifted giving you a more accurate reading based upon the new energy. I totally love this work and will do everything in my power to give you the best guidance I can give you through my guides, and your own guides. What would you like to know? Do you feel stuck? Uncertain where your life is headed? Want to know if you should stay in a relationship or not? Are you on the right path? Following your passion and life's purpose? Are in you a middle of a crisis? Wish to change jobs? Relocate? Whatever challenges you are facing at this time I am here to assist you in making the best choices for your situation. Book an appointment with me by making payment first and contact me at I will contact you back with specific dates for us to connect. I only do 1 hour readings.